Cavalieri was born in Caracas in 1969. He is a Venezuelan visual artist who, throughout his long career, has achieved renown for his monumental sculptures and public works integrated into architectural forms. His oxidized sculptures and digital drawings deal mostly with the paradox between form and matter, as well as the duality between the essence of a material, and its visual possibilities.

He has been working in visual arts, and particularly in sculpture, since 1994 when he completed his studies in industrial design, mechanical engineering and art, which he carried out in Caracas from 1986 to 1994. His career as an artist has been prolific and his work has been exhibited both in Venezuela and abroad.

His work is focused on the physical and mechanical aspects of objects, as well as their three-dimensional forms. For Cavalieri, sculpture is the best means of resolving and turning the conceptual problems into tangible forms. His sculptures are part of a research process in which each work leads on to the next.



He has developed his own techniques and tools and tested out different processes that range from hi-tech, numerical control to old fashioned and elementary steelwork.

Metal allows him to create an overriding paradox between matter and form. It enables him to create sinuous forms that are full of life and movement, which contrast diametrically to the rigidity and structure of the steel used to make them.

Knots are a metaphor for life and one of the abstract forms used. And its multiple symbolisms enrich his work and increase its scope and resonance. Knots imply human activity and have different symbolic connotations in terms of how they are used, to the point that the connotations could be contradictory and/or ambivalent.


Hefesto Alum


76,2 x 61 x 33 cm
30 x 24 x 13 in