Taher Jaoui’s collaboration with OLIZ

Taher Jaoui’s collaboration with OLIZ


Berlin-based painter Taher Jaoui recently launched a collaboration with Ukrainian fashion brand OLIZ.


The artist met OLIZ in March 2020 when he was exhibiting his work at Mandarin Maison in Kiev. The encounter was fruitful and a collection of exclusive scarves was released in November 2020.


Together with Taher Jaoui, OLIZ designers selected artworks that are representative of the various series in his body of work: colored compositions, monochromatic compositions, mathematic signs. Three exclusive silk scarves were created as a result: “Love is a big expense”, “My dreaming about you” and “Hold your horses”. Composed of 100% silk, these are made using only natural Italian fabrics and environmentally friendly dyes and they come in 3 different sizes (100 x 100 cm, 65 x 186 cm and 65 x 65 cm).


They will be available throughout 2021 via OLIZ’s website: 



« I am very excited about this collaboration with OLIZ that brings a new dimension to my work and my creative universe. Being able to transpose my painting onto a new surface and into a new field (fashion) is opening my practice to new exciting perspectives.”




Taher Jaoui studied sciences before taking the plunge into his artistic career in 2013, initially making collages from old photographs. These experiences mean he has been fascinated by new technologies (notably virtual and augmented reality) as well as fashion for a long time and hopes to be able to make more exciting collaborations in the future.